Our suites

“Pinchas and Gaston” mansion in Shavei Zion is a boutique hotel located in an impressive and luxurious building with sea waves lapping in its backyard.

That intimate hotel with fabulous suites was designed for an unforgettable stay.

“Pinchas Gaston” boutique hotel is regularly included in lists and articles about recommended boutique hotels in Israel, and for a good reason; in the “Pinchas and Gaston” boutique hotel, you will find the most luxurious suites in Israel!

The suites are equipped at the highest level: a vast bed, a luxurious bathroom with a fantastic design, a wood-burning fireplace, and many treats.

The mansion has 4 fully equipped suites. Each suite has a wooden balcony that faces the nearby sea and also overlooks the courtyard of the place where you will find

a large heated swimming pool, a pampering hot tub, manicured lawns, sitting areas, a large deck hanging between the trees, sounds of the sea waves, and plenty of space to lie under the sun and disconnect from everything.

A well-equipped spa that awaits you on the basement floor will complete your experience, including treatment rooms and a pampering restroom where guests can enjoy all treatments. There are two guest rooms and

the spa offers a variety of pampering treatments that are recommended to be booked in advance.

Most importantly:

-Possibility of a joint vacation for several couples or families

-Privacy in front of the sea

-Personal hospitality and intimate treatment for every guest

-Service by the Mansion staff from morning to midnight.


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